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AMC Southern New Hampshire Trail Guide - 5th Edition
This is an example trail description and narrative from the upcoming 5th edition of Appalachian Mountain Club's Southern New Hampshire Trail Guide, which will be published in 2020 by AMC Books.
Hebron Town Forest
This 458-acre parcel owned by the Town of Hebron and protected through a conservation easement held by the Forest Society abuts their Cockermouth Forest reservation to the north and its trails to Bald Knob and Mt. Crosby. From NH 3A in East Hebron, follow North Shore Rd. west for 2.4 mi. to Hebron Village. Continue west on Groton Rd. for 0.9 mi. to trailhead and parking area on right. A map of the forest is available at hebronnh.org.
Cockermouth Ledge Trail (HCC)
Distances from parking area (600 ft.) to
Southern outlook (810 ft.) - 0.7 mi., 210 ft., 0:25
Northern outlook (810 ft.) - 1.1 mi., 240 ft., 0:40
Starting point via complete loop (600 ft.) - 2.3 mi., 240 ft., 1:15

This loop trail (actually comprised of two smaller loops) ascends to two open ledge outlooks with good views atop a 840 ft. knob. The trail is blazed in yellow and is also marked with maps at junctions. Watch markings carefully, as this trail makes somewhat of a figure eight loop and crosses itself a few times, which could be confusing for inexperienced hikers. Grades are easy to moderate with a couple of steep sections and footing is generally good. From parking area, head north along wide woods road to cross Cockermouth River on bridge to start of trail (sign) and kiosk on left at 0.1 mi. Trail maps and a guest register are available here. The trail turns sharply left off the road and descends slightly along northern bank of the river to reach first loop junction at 0.2 mi. Bear right at fork (arrow sign here points left in the direction of other end of loop) and begin steep climb up old woods road. The trail turns sharply right as grades ease and then become level to meet the first of two junctions with second loop of trail at 0.6 mi. The trail turns right at this junction and then immediately continues straight through second junction, just a few yards further. It then climbs moderately up the side of a small ridge, turning left to meet the crest of it and continues to the southern ledge outlook on right at 0.7 mi. with views to Newfound Lake. Use caution here if the ledges are wet or icy as there is a significant drop off.

The trail then swings northwest and ascends easily over the wooded high point of the bump, then descends easily to bear right through two cairns at fork, to emerge in open, ledgy area. Please stay on the trail in this area to avoid trampling fragile vegetation. Ascend briefly over ledges to open slab at 1.0 mi. where there is a restricted view toward Bald Knob and Mt. Crosby. The trail turns sharply left here and then quickly turns left again down sloping ledge at an easy to miss spot. Straight ahead, a spur path marked with small cairns descends 25 yds. to the northern ledge outlook with good views up the Cockermouth River Valley. The main trail swings left (south) along a hairpin turn and descends back to earlier fork marked by double cairns at 1.2 mi. The trail turns sharply right, descends a steep pitch, continues moderately to a low spot, then climbs easily back to set of two junctions with first loop of trail. Turn right at first junction, then immediately continue straight through second. The trail then curves left and makes a long, gradual descent, northwest at first and then turning southeast, to rejoin river bank and first loop junction at 2.1 mi. Continue straight along bank to kiosk, then right to recross the river and return to parking area at 2.3 mi.

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