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A little bit of what I do and who I've done it for

I am a freelance writer, designer, and photographer with experience in content writing, front-end web design, print design, advertising design, photography, photo editing, social media and community management. I have worked as a freelance designer, a graphic designer in both the advertising and media industries, and recently as Lead Site Producer for a major regional media company. I subscribe to the philosophy of less is more and believe communicating a message should be done as simply.

When I'm not working on creating something new, I can usually be found wandering throughout the hills of New England, exploring new and exciting places both on and off the beaten path.

Content research and writing, editing for style, proofreading / grammar checking, front-end website design, domain name & website host consulting, print graphic design, advertising design, photography, photo editing, social media, and online community management.
Who I've worked with
HubShout, Latini Creative Services, Wikimotive, Appalachian Mountain Club, Main Street Hub, McIntyre Mediation Services, North Central Workforce Investment Board, Northeast Geoscience Inc., and Polus Center for Social and Economic Development, Inc.
About this site
This site is coded by hand using TextWrangler (old school, but still works well) and incorporates a few open-source JavaScript-ey bits and is hosted by Pair Networks and is typeset in Noto Serif JP. The design is intentionally minimal to focus on the content. As such, it should work on all modern web browsers and even some older ones. It has not been tested in Internet Explorer because, well, even Microsoft has abandoned it. I can't say I'll miss it.